7th grade REMIND Codes
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

For questions about how to sign up for REMIND - please visit the following link.






The following codes are for signing up on the computer and texting versions of REMIND.


Please contact the webmaster to report incorrect codes. 

*** The first code beginning with  rmd.at/ is the code you will enter if you go to remind.com on the internet.


The text code to the right is the string of numbers and letters you will enter if you text from a smartphone. 

To sign up for Remind on a smartphone, send a new text to the number 81010. The message will the @ symbol followed by the number/letter sequence.



7th grade Remind codes


7th Science


rmd.at/h8gca                 text - @h8gca


7th PreAP Science


rmd.at/7dc278               text - @7dc278


7th ELA


rmd.at/kg9fb                  text - @kg9fb


7th Math 


rmd.at/mssykora             text - @mssykora



7th PreAP Math 


rmd.at/sykoraprap           text - @mssykoraprap


7th Texas History 


rmd.at/aghistory             text - @aghistory


7th Reading 


rmd.at/4ge66                  text - @ 4ge66


7th PreAP Reading 


rmd.at/7tgre                    text - @7tgre


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