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Counselor Corner  
Posted On: 2/1/2018

Document: feb_2018.pdf

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Welcome Back OJH students!  
Posted On: 9/29/2017

Document: Sept 2017

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Posted On: 6/15/2017

Document: STAAR_Scores_are_in_for_junior_high.pdf

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Course Catalog  
Posted On: 4/28/2017

Document: 2017_course_catalog_by_grades.docx

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Scheduling for incoming 6th grade   
Posted On: 4/27/2017

Document: 6th_grade_course_request.docx

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Pre Scheduling   
Posted On: 4/27/2017

Document: 8th_grade_course_request.docx

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April Counselor Corner  
Posted On: 4/13/2017

Document: april_2017.pdf

April Counselor's Corner »more

STAAR online practice  
Posted On: 3/24/2017

Document: 2016-01-29-Attatchment_to_Tutorials_and_Practice_Tests_Announcement.pdf

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March Counselor Corner  
Posted On: 3/7/2017

Document: march_2017.pdf

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Counselor Corner  
Posted On: 2/3/2017

Document: feb_2017.pdf

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Posted On: 12/15/2016

In less than six months your 8th grader will be a High School Freshman! »more